Rear Inflatable Seatbelt


Added protection for your passengers

The two rear outer seats can be fitted with a unique safety feature: Rear Inflatable Seat Belts. In the event of an impact, the belts inflate and spread the crash forces over five times more area of the body than conventional seat belts. By reducing pressure on the chest and better controlling head and neck movement, this innovative technology is designed to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Available on Mondeo, Vignale


An important and potentially life-saving part of Ford SYNC is Emergency Assistance*

In the unlikely event of an accident, where the airbag is deployed or the fuel-pump deactivated, the technology can automatically make a direct call to the Emergency Services for you. You can choose to stop the call, or talk to those services if you need to. Crucially, the system will supply vital information, such as your GPS coordinates, even if you are unconscious.

Available on Fiesta, Fiesta ST, B-MAX, EcoSport, Focus, Focus ST, C-MAX, Tourneo Connect, Kuga, Mondeo, Vignale, All-New S-MAX, All-New Galaxy, Tourneo Custom, Mustang, Fiesta Van, Transit, Transit Connect, Transit Custom, Transit Courier, Transit Minibus

* Ford Emergency Assistance operates in over 30 European countries. This feature works when paired with a compatible connected mobile phone that is with you when an airbag is deployed (excludes knee airbags) or a sensor that registers a crash deactivates the fuel pump. Text function and Emergency Assistance not supported by all European languages.

Ford Lighting Technology


Auto High Beam. Helping you see, without dazzling others.

A useful night-driving aid, Auto High Beam* temporarily dips your headlights when it detects oncoming traffic or a vehicle ahead, stopping you dazzling other drivers. Then it automatically reverts back to high beam, giving you maximum visibility. Auto High Beam is available as an option with Lane Keeping Aid.

Headlamps that help you see around bends

Adaptive Lighting** with Ford Dynamic LED headlamps deliver a precise and intensely bright light patterns that is automatically adjusted to suit different road and driving conditions. Day time running lights are also included and LED tracer turn indicator strips replace traditional ‘blinking’ lights, illuminating in sequence for high visibility. In addition, Glare Free High Beam*** adjusts itself automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers and by following the road, these new headlamps help you see more clearly when driving around bends.

* Available on B-MAX, EcoSport, Focus, Focus ST, C-MAX, Kuga, Mondeo, Vignale, All New S-MAX, All New Galaxy, Tourneo Custom
** Available on Focus, Focus ST, C-MAX, Mondeo, Vignale, All New S-MAX, All New Galaxy, Tourneo Custom, Ranger, Transit Connect, Transit Custom, Transit Courier, Transit Minibus
*** Available on All New S-MAX, All New Galaxy

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