Ford Sporting Moments

Ford Sporting Moments

Ford are proud to be the ‘Official Vehicle Supplier to the Football Association of Ireland’. For the upcoming football championships in France, we aim to produce numerous engaging videos and pulsating articles to get the whole nation behind our national football team.

What’s Happening?

Ford will release the powerful ‘Journey to Stuttgart’ film. This is a ‘hair rising’ video about the lucky fans that travelled to the ’88 championships and their memories of the event, while Eamon Dunphy and Packie Bonner also make cameo appearances . This video will be sure to build excitement! In conjunction with the ‘Journey to Stuttgart’ film, there will also be an article describing the vivid memories of some of the Irish supporters that journeyed to West Germany in ‘88.

Up next is a tribute to former Irish goalkeeper, Packie Bonner and his endeavours with the Irish team. There will also be a very entertaining video released of Packie disguised as a taxi driver around the Aviva stadium, picking up unsuspecting fans and quizzing them about the current Irish team.

There will be plenty happening over the next few weeks so be sure to tune in!
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