The most convenient way to pass your NCT or CVRT test

If your vehicle fails the NCT (Car) or CVRT (Van) within three months of your Ford Motorcraft service, we will cover the full cost of the re-test in the case of an NCT* and half the cost of the re-test in the case of a CVRT*.
Passenger Vehicle NCT Guarantee
Commercial Vehicle CVRT Guarantee
For just €29*

The benefits of choosing a Ford Dealer 
Peace of mind
  • • The NCT and CVRT testing is very thorough for good safety reasons. So, it’s possible the test will show the need for some repair work. 
  • • With Ford, you can be sure these repairs will be carried out to exacting standards by Ford trained technicians, using Ford quality parts. 
  • • This guarantees your warranty will be unaffected and can help maintain your car’s resale value, too. 
Keeping you informed and getting you back on the road
  • • If any repair work is required, we will always let you know. 
  • • We provide exact and competitive pricing, along with a detailed written explanation of the invoice and work performed. This is a reassuring record of your car’s history for any future buyer. 
  • • If we can’t repair your car on the same day as the NCT/CVRT, we’ll offer you a prompt alternative date/time. 
  • • We can arrange a convenient time to collect your car. 

*As part of the Ford Motorcraft Service should you agree to have all repairs carried out resulting from the Ford Motorcraft Service health check (eCheck), and your vehicle subsequently fails the NCT/CVRT test within three months of the repairs, your Ford Dealership will cover the full cost of the NCT re-test or half the cost in respect of the CVRT re-test. The value of the re-test will be deducted from the total bill once the value of repairs is in excess of €100 for a Ford car or €150 for a Ford van. To qualify for the Ford Motorcraft Service, the actual test must be carried out within 3 months of the repairs being undertaken by the dealership and a copy of the failure sheet must be presented to the Ford Dealership in full.

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