Ford Motorcraft Service

High quality care, delivered by Ford technicians. All at an affordable price with no hidden extras.
  • - Engine Oil & Oil Filter Replacement
  • - Air Filter Replacement
  • - Free Multi-Point Vehicle Health Check (eCheck)
  • - Price Match Guarantee
  • - NCT-CVRT Guarantee
  • - Complimentary Vehicle Wash
Passenger Vehicle Service
For just €129*
Commercial Vehicle Service
For just €149*
*Your vehicle’s service is carried out as per the manufacturer’s service guidelines, including a free multi-point vehicle inspection. The precise content of each service will vary from model to model and also according to the age and mileage of the vehicle. Ford passenger vehicles up to 2.0l engine size only. ST, RS models and motorhomes are excluded. All prices quoted are national recommended prices, please consult your service advisor for exact prices. For further information, please refer to your Service Portfolio, or contact our Service Advisor who will be pleased to assist. Further terms and conditions apply and are available on request or can be viewed on

Service: What’s included

Upon Arrival
Instrument gauges, warning control lights and horn Check operation
Clutch Check operation/adjust, if necessary (where applicable)
Heating system, fan motor Check operation
Washers, wipers Check operation
Windscreen Check for damage / Clean inside and outside
Exterior and respective control lights; instrument cluster illumination Check operation/condition
Handbrake Check operation/adjust, if necessary
Seat belts Check operation / condition and fasten in buckle
Inside Vehicle
Interior filter Renew Replacement of both filters is optional and will result in an additional cost
Under Vehicle
Engine Drain oil and renew oil filter. Renew sump plug gasket where fitted
Engine, transmission and rear axle Check for damage & leaks (where visible)
Pipes, hoses, wiring, oil and fuel feed lines, exhaust Check for routing, damage, chafing and leaks (where visible)
Tyres Check wear and condition, especially at tyre wall, note tread depth
Underbody Check condition of PVC coating
Brake system  Check brake pads and discs for wear, check rear brake linings for wear
Under Hood
Engine Refill engine oil
Induction air filter Renew the interior or air filter as part of the Ford Motorcraft Service. Replacement of both filters is optional and will result in an additional cost.
Wiring, pipes, hoses, oil and fuel feed lines Check for routing, damage, chafing and leaks (where visible)
Engine, vacuum pump, heater and radiator Check for damage and leaks
Coolant expansion tank, brake fluid reservoir and battery Check / top up oil level 
Washer reservoirs Check / top up fluid levels as necessary
Outside Vehicle
Tyres Adjust pressure
Spare wheel Adjust pressure, check wear - condition
Wheel nuts Check torque

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